A Family Legacy of Auto Repair: Capps Keeps Temple Rolling

It all began in 1967. C.L. Capps, fueled by his experience at Saye's Generator and Starter Repair, took a leap of faith and opened his own shop. Capps Generator and Starter Repair focused on keeping Temple's vehicles humming, one generator and starter at a time.

Over the next 50+ years, the business transformed, but the heart of Capps remained the same: family. Even through changes, one constant endured - friendly, knowledgeable technicians dedicated to providing exceptional service.

In 1973, C.L. Capps passed away, leaving a legacy. Bertha Mae Capps, his wife, stepped up to the challenge. With the unwavering support of her son-in-law, Wendell Welch, and their dedicated team, Bertha not only kept the business afloat, but she fueled its growth. Her pioneering spirit was recognized in a book of Notable Women in Texas, a testament to her role as one of the first women to own and operate a business in this field.

The family tradition continued in 1975. C.L. and Bertha's sons, Frank and Willie Capps, joined the team. They embraced new challenges, earning certifications that expanded the shop's expertise. Under their leadership, Capps Generator and Starter Repair transformed into the comprehensive auto repair center it is today.

Bertha retired in the late 90s, passing the torch to her sons. Frank and Willie Capps, the current owners and operators, carry on the family legacy. Capps Auto Repair remains a pillar of the Temple community, keeping its residents' vehicles running smoothly for generations.

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